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​Fingering & Tuning Charts

Fingering & Tuning Charts App

The most COMPLETE intonation resource for students, private music instructors, and band directors! Fingerings, alternate fingerings, and tuning suggestions are compiled from years of research from the best in the profession.

Fingering & Tuning Charts is an interactive, color-coded fingering chart for the full-range of wind instruments. Select one of ten instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, or tuba), or select ALL Instruments. Tap or scroll through notes on the staff to see its corresponding fingering as well as its inherent pitch tendency. In addition, each figure will display suggestions for alternative fingerings in order to play each note in equal tuning and/or adjust each note for just tuning. Black-color indicates regular fingerings; Green-color indicates suggested fingerings to add; and Red-color indicates suggested fingerings to delete.

The app also identifies the best tuning notes for each instrument, and the information-button provides helpful tips on tuning each instrument in relation to dynamics, air speed and direction, and embouchure. A detailed Key Chart allows you to zoom in on particular fingerings and note names.

Some notes will display up to four suggested alternate fingerings. You will find the options indicated in a menu on the right side of the fingering.

ALL Instruments: $14.99

  Flute: $1.99 

  Oboe: $1.99

  Clarinet: $1.99

  Saxophone: $1.99

  Bassoon: $1.99

  Trumpet: $1.99 

  Horn: $1.99

  Trombone: $1.99

  Euphonium: $1.99

 Tuba: $1.99

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