Dr. Shelley Jagow

Saxophone Studies at Wright State University

The mission of the Wright State University Saxophone Studio is to develop students as competent, professional and creative musicians with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the repertory and pedagogy of the saxophone, and to nurture human professionalism, compassion, and leadership. The WSU Saxophone Studio maintains a nationally recognized student Quartet, and continues to place award-winning graduates in prominent teaching and performing positions.

Applied Saxophone Lessons

Applied lessons consist of general concepts of musicianship such as musical analysis, tonal development, phrasing, intonation, and technical development including all forms of scales, overtone control and altissimo development, as well as transcribed, original, and contemporary literature of the saxophone. Attention will also be given to an historical view of the instrument’s development and it’s place in musical society as well as some general theoretical principles as they apply to the saxophone and it’s performance. In addition to applied performance, your studies will include saxophone pedagogy. This incorporates a survey of techniques, materials, methods, and literature in teaching saxophone lessons to various ages and skill levels.

WSU Degrees & Performance Opportunities:

  • Saxophone Quartets
  • Wind Symphony
  • Symphonic Band
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Jazz Combo
  • Weekly Saxophone Studio class
  • Weekly student recitals
  • Full Saxophone Studio Recitals
  • Convocation Recitals
  • Outreach Concerts to Local Schools

WSU saxophones have worked with renowned musicians:

    Anthony Alduino
    Griffin Campbell
    Russ Carere
    Harry Fackleman
    Susan Fancher
    Paul Haar
    Fred Hemke
    Matthew James
    Tyler Kuebler

    Jean-Marie Londeix
    April Lucas
    Steven Mauk
    Gabriella Maurino
    Joe Murphy
    David Nabb
    Miles Osland
    Timothy Roberts
    Jamal Rossi

    Steven Rosenthal
    William Street
    Dale Underwood
    Amherst Quartet
    Empire Saxophone Quartet
    US Army Band Quartet

    PRISM Saxophone Quartet

    Acropolis Winds

    Donald Sinta Quartet

    The WSU Saxophone Studio is composed of bright young musicians rich in enthusiasm and talent. Each year, many Miami Valley patrons enjoy the sounds of the quality talent that these students make available. And research shows that studying music facilitates language development, increased IQ and emotional intelligence, and rich character traits such as discipline, perseverance, teamwork and problem solving. Providing an incredible level of young musical excellence and variety takes a pool of artistic and financial resources. In order for these students to continue their professional studies and performance activities they rely on generous donations by individuals and corporations like you. All contributions are tax deductible.

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