Dr. Shelley Jagow

Conducting Honor Bands

Shelley has conducted honor bands across the United States and Canada.

Band and Saxophone Clinics

Shelley Jagow is available for conducting Honor Bands and presenting band and saxophone clinics at your school or conference. You can also request a clinic through Conn-Selmer Education 

Sample Clinic Topics:

Making Sense/Cents of Ensemble Intonation

Teaching intonation in your ensemble does not need to be a foreign concept to students. Learn the pros and cons of just intonation, and explore various teaching methods to engage your students in the tuning process.

10 Steps to Improve Your Saxophone & Clarinet Section Sound

Say goodbye to honks, squeaks and other dysfunctional section sounds. Successful methods to improve the tone and clarity of your band's clarinet and saxophone section.

Improve Your Woodwind Section: New Methods for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone and Bassoon

Explore five new method books aimed to improve the intermediate woodwind player in each section of your band or orchestra. Updated tone and technique studies will be demonstrated for the flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon.

Developing the Complete Band Program – Top 10 Teaching Tips!

This session will share tips for approaching common performance errors in an effort to prioritize music making in the rehearsal. Whether a beginning or veteran teacher, this clinic will help you manage your time and focus on key teaching ingredients for administering effective rehearsal techniques.

Ensemble "Circle of Acceptance": Setting Expectations for Maximum Performance Potential

What is your Circle of Acceptance? What are the expectations you set for yourself? … for your ensemble? Manage your time and focus on key ingredients for developing maximum performance potential with your instrumental program.

Driving with a Dirty Windshield? Finding Clarity in Score Preparation and Rehearsal Planning

Explore ways to clean your windshield – the music score. Learn about score mapping, rehearsal questioning techniques, and student learning styles in an effort for everyone to drive more effectively through the journey and destination of rehearsal and performance.

Balancing Your Instrumentation using Groundwork, Guidance and Gimmicks!

Every program has its unique challenges to balancing instrumentation in order to provide the most optimal music experience for the ensemble. Explore sound and creative ways to approaching instrumentation challenges.


Key Concepts for Musical Interpretation

Provide your students with a foundation of tools to emotionally respond with stylistic relevancy in music performance. The ability to respond to style with accuracy, and execute proper musical interpretation is critical to the communication process of performance. 

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